what's your purpose?

Finding Your Purpose

Finding your purpose in life is probably the most important thing to figure out in living a truly happy and successful life. In this article we look at 3 tips on finding your purpose.

finding your purpose?

Now this doesn’t have to be a life filled with riches or having the biggest house in the world. It could just be working at a job you love, finding the right partner or something as simple as helping others. There really is no boundaries in finding your purpose no matter how big or small.

The problem we face if we have no purpose is, we can feel stuck and just watching as time goes by and having this feeling like there is a void in our life.

Sound familiar?

Below we will look at ways we can discover our purpose and take steps to leading a more purposeful and fulfilled life.

Live Your Purpose

Make time for you – This is so important if you want to live your purpose, as if you don’t make time for yourself, you will never have the time to have clarity in your mind. This could just be something as little as 30 minutes a day, but in them 30 minutes you must truly think about what you want in life. No distractions, so things like putting our mobile phone on silent for that time and just fully focusing on what you truly want in life.

The key turning point in life for me was I was working in a job that no longer excited or fulfilled me. I needed something in my life that I was passionate about and what I truly loved. My passion and purpose is to help others and with that Kickstarterz Sports was born, a children’s sports class, helping children and their families get active. It also opened the door for me to write blogs on mental health, positivity and other subjects on health and wellbeing.

Truly focus on your goal – By becoming clear on what you really want in life, you can fine tune your mind to reaching that goal. Ask yourself these questions :-

  1. What is your relationship status?
  2. What is your financial status?
  3. How is your health?
  4. If your life was perfect right now, what would it look like?
  5. What would your ideal job be?

By asking ourselves these questions on a regular basis, it allows our subconscious mind to register these powerful triggers and in turn it will help you reach your goals and purpose. Now we always say that nothing is impossible but try to be as realistic to these questions that you can.

Take your time step by step and be patient.

What can you do for others? – By helping others it naturally gives us a purpose and the feel good chemicals it releases in our bodies will program us to want to do it more often. Helping others boosts our self esteem, builds confidence, gives you a sense of renewal and many more positive outcomes.

Help others

The change we create in our mindset is massive and can usually have a knock on effect in our community and even further afield, thus creating even more of those feel good chemicals called endorphins.

The benefits for our physical health is huge also, take a look at this article here to find out more.

Ways in which we can help others could be :-

  1. Volunteering your time.
  2. Donating to a charity.
  3. Lending your expertise to others.


Although not an extensive list we feel that the 3 points covered above our crucial in finding your purpose. In summary, find out what makes you happy and truly fulfilled and do more of it.

Take your time and take it step by step, pause if you need to and reassess your goals from time to time. It’s ok to feel frustrated at times, this is normal, it’s not always easy to reevaluate your life but nothing worth doing is easy and finding your purpose is no different.

I can promise you though that once you find your purpose it is so worth it.


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