Award Winning Children’s Sports Classes.

Who am I and what is my mission?

My name is Jonny Sands. I thought of the idea of Kickstarterz (a sport class for children and toddlers) a long time ago but never went through with it, due to personal mental health reasons. Which are well documented in my mental health blogs. In these blogs, I give an all access look into my battle with anxiety, depression and all things related to mental health. I do hope these posts can inspire and help others.

The Why.

In December 2018 with the help of my partner, who without none of this would of been possible, thanks Sam. I decided to just go for it. As Jacob, my youngest son, always came to watch his older brother, Joshua, play football, with which I am the manager of his local grassroots football team. Jacob would always ask “Daddy, I want to play”.

After numerous attempts at trying to find somewhere for him to play, we never really found anywhere that provided children’s sports classes, aimed at delivering fun and inclusive sessions. This made me sad as I thought of other children and parents in the same predicament, as I found there just wasn’t enough activities for preschool children and toddlers.

I saw a statistic that said, “2 out of 3 children under the age of 5 didn’t get enough exercise”. Well this isn’t good enough. I have a strong commitment to getting young children active whilst participating with their elders and peers. Together we can build strong foundations that can last a lifetime and beyond.

Promote healthy living, have fun and well, let children be children. We will incorporate music, gross motor skills, football, fun and games, laughter and most importantly family into our children’s activities. Not only will we learn vital skills, but it will be educational too. Maybe a little crazy but we’re going to have fun in the process. I hope you are as excited as I am for these, now, award winning children’s sports classes. Let’s have fun and see the world through the eyes of our children.

We offer sports classes for children, in nurseries, schools and sports clubs, learning fundamental skills, including, Agility, balance and coordination. Gross and fine motor skills. Teamwork and social interaction. Providing the right tools to encourage a rewarding experience every single time.

The Kickstarterz Sports Way

Kickstarterz Sports philosophy is built on that every child should be able to participate in fun sports activities that is built around them. By incorporating an approach that allows them to learn through a non pushy environment. We want children and their families to have the maximum fun in our classes and to grow and learn at a time that suits them.

By providing the resources and our knowledge, children’s imagination and learning is truly enhanced. Focusing on fundamental skills such as gross and fine motor, confidence building, colour and number recognition and social interaction to name a few.

We pride ourselves in delivering the very highest standards both in our physical classes and customer service, as a family run business, we understand everyone’s individual needs and we truly care.

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Kickstarterz – Award winning children’s Sports Classes, Westhoughton, Bolton, Atherton and Wigan U.K.