Positive Mindset

Creating A Positive Mindset

Positive Mindset


With all the uncertainty surrounding current situations and Covid -19, it is more important than ever that we remain positive. Not just for ourselves but for those around us too.

By thinking positively, unfortunately, it won’t make all our problems magically disappear, but it will make them seem more manageable. Helping you approach life in more positive and productive way.

Creating a positive mindset won’t happen overnight and does require some practice, due to the fact that some of our beliefs come from years of negative thinking. Below we will look at some of the ways we can learn how to learn this and approach life more confidently and positively, and also the benefits of positive thinking.

Benefits of positive thinking

A lot of research has gone into the power of positive thinking, here our top benefits :-

  • Increased productivity – Research has found that people with a more positive attitude are more productive than say, those who think negatively to situations. This is achieved by increasing self confidence and a can do attitude to tasks, thinking on how we can succeed rather than the negative thought of failure. All in all positive people achieve more and get more done.


  • Happier Lives – By focusing on becoming a happier version of ourselves we can boost our happiness and transform our lives. Being happy is such a powerful thing, which affects your sleep, your relationships, your health and your work. Being happy allows us to be our true selves and this feeling is very freeing and the benefits are huge.


  • Health – This one is huge, research has shown by the way we think has a massive impact on our overall health. From increased lifespan, fewer illnesses such as the common cold, better cardiovascular health and lower rates of depression. This benefit alone is worth creating a positive mindset for, as all other aspects of our lives will transform if we have better health.


  • Stress Relief – By becoming more optimistic, we can see the good in our lives, therefore reducing the pessimistic and negative thoughts that place stress on ourselves. Having a positive outlook on life can substantially help you cope better with stressful situations.


Find something positive


Tips on how to achieve a more positive mindset

You can achieve a more positive mindset through a few different techniques that have been proven by studies for years, here we will take a look at our top tips:-

  • Practice Gratitude – By noticing how we are as a human being is key to this one, for example when you say “thank you”, is it said with sincerity, an after thought, basically, how are you feeling when you say it. Do you say it? Is it just a habitual response or is it said with real meaning?

Try to record your thoughts in a gratitude journal.

By becoming more grateful in life to the things we have rather than what we don’t, allows our minds to be free and just live in the moment. Sure it is common to want more in life but by just taking a check on the good things in our life, we can find just how fortunate we are. (for example be grateful that you have eyes, some aren’t so fortunate) Our post on becoming grateful can be read here.

  • Surround yourself with positive people – When we surround yourself with positive people, their positivity will rub off on you. Hearing their positive stories, affirmations and their overall positive outlook on life. Finding positive people can prove difficult but you need to remove negativity out of your life before it consumes you.


  • Self Talk – Negative thoughts can creep into our daily lives out of nowhere, from self doubt, with thoughts such as “I’m not good enough” or ” I can’t do it”. We must learn to catch these thoughts and replace them with more positive ones by taking out certain words in these sentences. By eliminating these unwanted words such as “can’t” and “not”, we change our whole perspective and our attitude.



In general our lives are so much of how we think and the actions of these thoughts. By living a more positive life and practicing daily we can live happier, healthier and a more grateful life that we can be proud of.

Positivity is about our overall perspective on life and to focus on all that is good in it.




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