Moses gate country park

7 Family Walks In And Around Bolton


With the nation walking more than ever due to coronavirus, we thought it would be a good idea to list our favourite, 7 family walks in and around our hometown of Bolton, England.

Moses gate country park
Moses Gate Country Park, Bolton

With so many picturesque views and sights, we are really spoilt for choice of places to go and things to see. From the beautiful views of Rivington to the amazing reservoir at Turton and Entwistle.

Benefits of Walking

Not only does walking improve your physical and mental health, it’s free, easy and convenient too. It is a great way to explore your local area and is better for the environment than driving or taking public transport. Here we will explain the health benefits of walking.

Mental health benefits

Exercise releases feel-good hormones, and studies have shown it can:

  • improve your mood
  • reduce stress
  • manage anxiety
  • help you sleep better
  • increase your energy
  • help you to cope with difficult times
  • improve your confidence and self-esteem
  • reduce the risk of depression


Physical health benefits

As well as helping to look after your mental health, walking also helps to look after your physical health, by helping you to:

  • maintain a healthy weight
  • keep your muscles and bones healthy
  • increase your cardiovascular fitness


It can also reduce your risk of developing certain health conditions, including:

  • cardiovascular diseases such as high blood pressure and stroke
  • type 2 diabetes
  • some cancers


How much walking should I do?

The UK Department of Health recommends that adults get active every day. You should aim to do at least two and a half hours (150 minutes) of moderate intensity activity a week. You can break this down into sessions of 10 minutes or more and spread this out across the week. Moderate intensity means:

  • your breathing is faster
  • your heart rate is faster
  • you feel warmer


Walking can count towards moderate-intensity exercise – so long as it’s brisk.

Our Top 7 Family Walks

1. Rivington, Chorley

Just on the outskirts of Bolton, with it’s stunning views and miles of beautiful scenery, it’s easy to see why Rivington and it’s surrounding areas are our top pick.

Our personal favourite places to visit in Rivington are

  • Liverpool castle :-
    Rivington, Liverpool Castle
    Liverpool Castle Replica, Rivington

    The quickest way to get to Liverpool Castle is to drive to the free car park on Rivington Lane ( just north of the high school, Rivington and Blackrod – Postcode is BL6 7RU). The Castle can be reached from here by following a 700 yard, tree lined footpath. It’s a beautiful scenic walk and doesn’t take long.



  • Rivington Pike :-

    Rivington Pike
    Rivington Pike

You start the walk at the Pigeon Tower free car park, located about a mile north of the hill top, on Belmont Road. From here you can pick up the footpaths heading south, through the woodland and up to the lovely Rivington Terraced Gardens. In the gardens there are a number of interesting features to see. You’ll pass the dovecote of Pigeon Tower which stands at the northwestern edge of the gardens.

After leaving the gardens you follow a series of steps up to the Rivington Pike summit where you’ll find the Pike Tower, which is a Grade II listed building. There’s also great views to the coast, Blackpool Tower, the Lake District mountains, the Welsh mountains and as far as the Isle of Man on the clearest days.

Truly Breathtaking!!!!!

For more places to visit in and around Rivington, please use the following link.


2. Moses Gate Country Park, Bolton

Moses Gate Country park
Moses Gate Country Park, Bolton

Situated just on the outskirts of Bolton Town Centre, Moses Gate Country Park is a perfect getaway for families and people of all ages.

With a spacious car park, which is owned by Bolton Council (check for pricing), and accessible paths around Bolton’s largest nature reserve, it makes for a great, easy and convenient day out.

Not only does it boast generous walks and an abundance of wildlife but it also has a modern play park that will entertain the kids for ages. There is also plenty of space for picnics and bird watching should you fancy it.

Located on Hall Lane, Farnworth, BL4 7QS

For more information on Moses Gate Country Park, please visit here.

3. Turton and Entwistle Reservoir, Bolton

Turton and Entwistle reservoir
Turton and Entwistle Reservoir, Bolton

This easy 4 km circular walk follows the waterside footpath around Turton and Entwistle Reservoir near Bolton. The walk starts from the car park at the eastern end of the reservoir but you could also start from the nearby Entwistsle railway station.

There is a good, well surfaced footpath around the reservoir. It’s a popular place for walkers with the beautiful still waters surrounded by attractive conifer trees.

One of the most popular places to park is on Entwistle Hall Lane/Overshores Road near Entwistle Train Station and the Strawbury Duck pub (postcode BL7 0LU). A footpath from Entwistle Hall Lane leads to the northern end of the reservoir.

A beautiful and perfect place for family walks in Bolton.

4. Borsdane Woods


Borsdane Wood lies to the north of Hindley, straddling the border of Wigan and Bolton. It is an area of semi natural ancient woodland and a site of biological interest.

The wood consists of mixed broadleaf trees such as oak, ash, birch, cherry, hazel, hawthorn, blackthorn and dog rose and is believed to have had woodland cover since around 1600AD. The woodland has been relatively unchanged for hundreds of years and is home to a wide variety of wildlife, including deer.

The ease of access, proximity to local communities and links to local networks of public rights of way provides a much valued community resource, that is perfect for family walks.

Car parking can be found at, 5 Mill Ln, Westhoughton, Aspull, Wigan BL5 3AL

5. Jumbles Country Park, Bolton

Jumbles Country Park
Jumbles Country Park, Bolton

This beautiful Country Park in Bolton is fantastic for lovers of the great outdoors located on the southern tip of the picturesque West Pennine Moors.

It’s a popular place for visitors due to it’s accessible walking routes, resident wildlife and tranquil surroundings – and the bonus of being well-served by public transport.

It’s also home to a variety of wildlife and birds, including heron, dippers and kingfishers. In the surrounding woodland, eagle-eyed visitors might even see woodpeckers and resident birds of prey swooping overhead.

Parking can be found at, Waterfold car park, Bradshaw Road, Bolton, BL2 4JS (10:30am – 4:30pm every day)

6. Smithills Country Park

Smithills Country Park
Smithills Country Park, Bolton

Covers more than 2,000 acres and extends from the Hall to Winter Hill. It is owned by Bolton Council and much of the land is leased to local farmers (including Smithills Open Farm). There are plenty of public footpaths and spaces though. One area is the Ravenden Plantation, a wooded valley leading down as far as Moss Bank Way.

The site is a mix of grassland, farmland, moorland, wooded cloughs (ravines) and bog habitats, crisscrossed by dry stone walls, with panoramic views over Bolton to Manchester.

Parking can be found at, Smithills Dean Road, Bolton, BL1 7NP

7. Seven Acres Country Park, Bolton

Seven acres country park
Seven Acres Country Park, Bolton

A lovely Circular Walk is a 3.2 kilometer loop trail located near Bolton, that offers the chance to see wildlife and is good for all skill levels. The trail is primarily used for walking, running, and nature trips.

Habitats of wildflower meadows, marshland area, developing heathland and pond and lodge are also managed for wildlife. Bradshaw Brook runs the length of the Reserve with a footbridge around the mid-point. The patchwork of habitats provides communities of butterflies, dragonflies and bird life with amphibians and deer present.

Parking can be found at, Thicketford Rd, Tonge Fold, Bolton BL2 2LU

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