Family Lockdown Events

Family Lockdown Events

Family Lockdown Events

Family Lockdown Events: There has been so many memorable events during lockdown. Personally I have loved spending so much time with my family. As a parent I know how hard it is to keep occupied and utilise the time, especially with young children. It has been difficult but yet so rewarding. We have seen things from Elon musks space x program to VE Day. My children have been involved in some of the live sports videos I did and camped outside stargazing.

Family Fun

As a family we have tried to have as much fun as possible through this pandemic. This has been hard as it has been so upsetting seeing so many people being affected by this dreadful illness.

The first significant event I remember since Lockdown began on the 23rd March was the clap for carers. Every Thursday at 8pm, we stood on our doorstep and clapped for all the keyworkers. As a family we decided that we would play music and get the whole street dancing. Everyone loved it, from babies to the elderly, there was something for everyone.

The space program was also a great spectacle, from the starlink to the shuttle launch. My children and we thoughroughly enjoyed seeing these. We even camped out and watched the meteor showers and satellites pass overhead. There was some really clear nights, and we got a lot of benefit, as well as turning it into a fun science lesson.

Who can forget what Sir Captain Tom achieved, to raise so much money and interest, not to mention inspire people, was a fantastic achievement. He even inspired me to do a sponsored walk for Mental health UK, were I walked 100 miles in 30 days, although I was a little shy of Toms tally, I still managed to raise over £350.

The VE Day street celebration was amazing, the whole street came out on their drives and we had a street party. Music, barbeques, lots of decorations up and generally just a really feel good day. ( All socially distanced of course) The whole street was amazing and it was definitely needed at this time.

Your Highlights

We would love to hear your stories of lockdown for you and your family. Please use the comments box below.


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