Our Venues

Kickstarterz Sports currently operate our children’s sports activities in our local area of Bolton and Wigan, please click the following links to browse a certain venue.

The venues we use are carefully chosen to be able to deliver the very best sports and football sessions we can. Providing a safe and fun indoor space for toddlers, preschool and KS1 aged children.


  1. Atherton Community School (Sunday mornings and Wednesday after School classes)
  2. Atherton Scout Hut (Saturday mornings)
  3. Dorset Road Community Centre (Currently postponed)



  1. Eatock Primary School (Currently postponed)
  2. John Holt Community Centre (Currently postponed)
  3. The Hub (Currently postponed)
  4. St. Georges C of E Primary School



  1. Shakerley Community Centre (Currently postponed)



Due to the current pandemic we’ve had to close some of our venues but we hope to be able to reopen them soon, so that we can continue to provide our sports activities to children and their families in our local area. Our football and sports classes currently start at 18 months old to 7 years old, split into 4 specific age ranges, and our goalkeeping sessions start at 6 to 11 years old.

  1. Dinkies – 18 months – 2 years 6 months ( A fun and engaging introduction to sport)
  2. Tiddlers – 2 years 7 months – 3 years 6 months ( Building on the foundation skills learnt from Dinkies)
  3. Middies – 3 Years 7 months – 5 Years ( Fun and gradual build up of skills and team play)
  4. Juniors – 5 years- 7 Years ( A fun approach to basic football skills)
  5. Goalkeeping – 6 years to 11 years (Group goalkeeping sessions)


By allowing Children to mix with their age related peers, we know that children learn best, are happier and develop better with others their own age and ability.

When Strangers Become Friends