Atherton Community School

Atherton Community School was the first venue we ever stepped foot in when we started back in 2019. With it’s amazing sports hall, it is the perfect venue to host our children’s sports classes in.

We currently run our toddler, pre school and football activities here on Sundays and Wednesdays, with sessions running on the Sunday (4 sessions) and an after school sports class on Wednesdays (1 session). To view our sports classes here, please view our booking page on the links below.

Our sports classes at Atherton Community School are split into 4 different age categories


  1. Dinkies – 18 months – 2 years 6 months ( A fun and engaging introduction to sport)
  2. Tiddlers – 2 years 7 months – 3 years 6 months ( Building on the foundation skills learnt from Dinkies)
  3. Middies – 3 Years 7 months – 5 Years ( Fun and gradual build up of skills and team play)
  4. Juniors – 5 years- 7 Years ( A fun approach to basic football skills)


  1. Middies – 3 years 7 months – 5 years (A great after school class, for burning off some excess energy and learning new skills).


Children's Football
Sports sessions at Atherton Community School
Parachute fun
Kickstarterz Sports Parachute fun at Atherton Community School
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Pre-school sports classes at Atherton Community School



Where To Find Us

Kickstarterz Sports at Atherton Community School

Atherton Community School, Hamilton Street, Atherton, Manchester, M46 0AY.


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