Supporting Our Children Through Covid


As we enter 2021 in a new lockdown and Covid -19 still in everyone’s minds, we want to look at ways of supporting our children through Coronavirus and beyond. As parents ourselves we know how hard it can be to juggle our daily lives, our childrens lives and everything in between. In this blog post we want to look at positive ways to help our children and ourselves in these challenging times.

We believe children should be applauded for how well they have handled this pandemic and continue to do so on a daily basis. In the blink of an eye their lives were drastically changed and as we know from experience, it was frightening and confusing, the way we have all had to adapt and overcome diversity has to be applauded. If you feel you or your child is suffering from a mental health issue or would like to know what help there is out there, then please visit our useful support page, which can be found here

Support is Key

Encourage your child to do the things that help them when they’re finding things difficult, maybe even try some new hobbies/activities. This will be different for everyone – it could include things like doing some online activities or going for a walk, watching a favourite film, reading a book together or solely, cooking or baking, talking to friends, or drawing or writing. There are plenty of useful activities and games that can be found online, apps and computer devices. Life is about balance so dedicating some time for your child to play on their favourite devices is perfectly fine.

Talking to our children is a great way of bonding, we should explain and also listen. Research shows us that talking things through with children, helps them instead of making things worse. Try to make time to talk to them, maybe before reading a book, on a walk or at a meal time. We should ask open questions and listen, acknowledge their concerns so they know they are, and can be, heard and supported. Be truthful in your answers and use age appropriate language. Listen out for myths and misinformation when they talk to you about Covid-19 and help them base their knowledge on facts and reliable sources. We don’t need to know all the answers, but by talking things through it helps to keep them calmer.

Routine, by sticking to a routine, research shows us that this is massively important for psychological wellbeing. This differs for every family and you should do what works around your family and don’t feel pressured to change your family’s own structure and routine. We should try to set time limits for the day for things such as t.v, computers, reading etc. Also we should try and have set times for things like meal times, exercise, bed times etc.

Making time, we should try to make time for a positive activity with our children, for some this can be difficult. By doing different activities with our children, it gives them a break from everything and helps them feel calmer. It also allows us to bond with our children and to be able to talk to them when they are feeling less pressured.

Home Schooling

In these times the majority of parents have had to home school their children. This has been really tough and you should all applaud your efforts no matter how big or small. We are our children’s heroes, and now more than ever we are answering their call.

Some days it is easier than others, but we must not forget, we are not all teachers and you are doing your very best. Your child will look back on these days and have the upmost respect for what you are doing during these times.

Routine, by setting and sticking to a routine, it can set the tone for the week ahead. Talking to and creating a realistic timetable for school work with your child can greatly improve the chances of having a positive impact on your child’s home learning. Our home routine will be a lot different to school and we shouldn’t feel to pressured in creating a full on school routine, try to keep it bite sized and fit around your day.

Fun, we should try to make it as fun as possible, by breaking up the learning into manageable and realistic ways. Praise and reward should also be encouraged, as children will respond better to what it is they are doing if they have more incentive to stick to the task at hand. Let children join in on daily chores such as washing up, laundry making meals. We can add learning into these aspects too, for example you could count how many odd socks there are.

Technology, don’t be afraid to use technology to help, Google has all the resources you need to help you become the best teacher your child needs. More often than not your child will probably home educate you online, win win in our eyes.

Calm, we know it’s a difficult experience we are all being asked to do right now and by keeping calm and talking to our children, the task will be a lot more easier than if we get stressed. Take a break if you need to and come back to it again a little later.

Communication, your children’s teachers are vastly experienced, so don’t be afraid to reach out to them if you are struggling. They will be more than happy to assist you in anyway they can. Also talk to your child and let them guide you on how they understand the work they are given, you will have a better understanding on what your child is capable of and how to assist them in a more practical way.

Take a break, physical activity is so important, now more than ever, for you and your child. Leave the work behind for a set time, go outdoors and get some fresh air ( socially distanced ) , do some online fitness videos together indoors, play a computer game, do a jigsaw, whatever it may be to have you all feeling re-energized and your mind clear. Don’t think of it as wasted time but time where you get to spend together as a family.

You Are Amazing

No matter what, we are all facing challenging and difficult times right now, but by working together and in the knowledge we will get through this, we are proving to ourselves how amazing we are. We know first hand the struggles families are facing right now and you should be so proud of yourselves. Our little warriors show us everyday that adversity can be overcome, and with you by their side they can achieve anything. Well done.

Useful sites

Please take a look at these useful sites for more tips and support, and we would be grateful for your feedback and comments. What are your favourite tips on homeschooling?


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