Juniors Indoor Football

Our Juniors indoor football classes, combine basic football skills and lots of fun to create a fantastic session that is perfect for this age group.

If your child loves football then this is the class for them, were we combine lots of football related games and activities that will have them mastering the basics in a highly fun and engaging environment. With a football at their feet for the majority of the session, children’s skill levels and confidence really shine.

We keep our class sizes small as to enhance their experience and to make sure that each and every child can thrive and learn in their own way and time. Children also benefit this way as the coach can give their upmost attention to each individual.

“My 5 year old goes to the classes and he loves it.

Jonny the coach has a real connection with the kids and really brings out their confidence.

The sessions are a perfect mix of skill training and fun!

I would recommend to anyone looking to get their child into football!”

Facebook review from Neil.

Super balance and listening skills

5 Years to 7 Years (Football class)

Your class

  • 45 Minute classes
  • Basic football skills in a fun and engaging class
  • Weekly classes
  • Full kit optional (Can be ordered when booking)
  • Reward cards (Free gift once completed)

Physical and Skill Milestones

During ages 5 to 6, young children continue to refine earlier skills. They’re running even faster and can start to ride bicycles with training wheels for added stability. In addition, they can step sideways. Children of this age begin mastering new forms of physical play such as climbing walls, and begin to use the see-saw, slide, and swing on their own.

They often start jumping rope, skating, hitting balls with bats, and so on. Many children of this age enjoy learning to play organized sports such as football, basketball or swimming. In addition, 5 to 6 year olds often like to participate in physical extracurricular activities such as sports classes, gymnastics, or dance. Children continue to refine and improve their gross motor skills through age 7 and beyond.

5-7 year-olds begin to show the skills necessary for starting or succeeding in school, such as printing letters and numbers and creating shapes such as triangles. They are able to use paints, pencils and crayons with better control.

Children can also complete other self-care tasks beyond dressing and undressing, such as brushing their teeth and combing their hair. Children of this age can also independently feed themselves without an adult’s immediate supervision or help.

Please note that all children are different and will reach milestones at different times than others in their development.


Social, Emotional & Cognitive



  • Can play any game with good attention and awareness skills.
  • Develops an understanding of the importance of team play.
  • Develops an understanding of positional play in real match scenarios.
  • There is a focus on awareness that it is not winning or losing that is the most important thing but making an effort, playing fair and learning from the experience.
  • Strong sense of place and identity within the session.


  • Improved ability for the body to respond to certain physical movements and activities.
  • Children develop an understanding of what their bodies are capable of and how additional effort can enhance performance.
Football Related



  • Can dribble evasively with good close control.
  • Has basic mastery of the ball with ability to take it/kick it in any direction with relative accuracy.
  • Can perform a variety of different kicks.
  • Understands how to kick the ball with different parts of the foot and the resulting movement of the ball.
  • Understands the importance of individual positions within the team.
  • Learns and understands the basic rules of a match.

How Kickstarterz helps develop children’s skills

With the culmination of all the skills learned through our early years classes, we now bring all those skills together in our juniors football sessions. These highly fun, jam packed classes include lots of various activities and games that will bring out the very best in the children.

They will love the fact that every child has their own ball during the class, as more touches on the ball leads to greater confidence and maximum potential learning. In these classes we teach the fundamentals of football and introduce lots of different games to challenge and compete, in a fun pressure free way, against each other as well as team games.

Of course once all the learning is done, it’s time to put all those newly acquired skills to the test in the BIG match at the end. This helps them channel of all their competitive energy into the game and score lots of goals.

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If you have any concerns about your child’s development.

If you’re wondering whether some aspect of a child’s development may be delayed, you have several options.

First, talk to your child’s pediatrician and ask for a developmental screening. The screening tools used by doctors are more thorough than online checklists, and they may give you more reliable information about your child’s abilities and progress.

You can also ask your pediatrician for a referral to a developmental specialist like a pediatric neurologist, occupational therapist, speech/language therapist, or a psychologist who specializes in evaluating children.