Girls football Westhoughton

Girls Football Sessions

Introducing our new girls football sessions, starting in Westhoughton, for 7 to 11 year olds, our football classes will focus on fun and maximum time on the ball.

Girls football Westhoughton
Girls Football Sessions in Westhoughton (Click to view)

With almost three million active female players, football is the biggest women’s team sport in England – but there is plenty of room for more people to get involved.

Women’s football has been growing at a phenomenal rate over the last 10 years and with this years Womens Euro’s 2022 being hosted in England this year, now is a great time to get inspired and learn to play the beautiful game.

One of the venues being used to host some of this years matches is just around the corner from where Kickstarterz Sports deliver their classes. Leigh Sports Village, is hosting some of the Euro 2022 football matches. Please click here for ticket details.

Our first initial football classes will take place on Thursdays at Westhoughton Leisure Centre at 6pm, for 7 to 11 year old girls.

Full details of these and all our other available football and children’s sports classses, can be found by clicking here

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Why We Should Encourage Girls To Play Football

Nowadays, football is certainly gaining popularity among girls. Initially, football was a male-oriented sport as it required a high-level of athletic capability and good health. Of course, girls have those things in abundance as well. And girls can attain social, physical & psychological benefits by playing football.

If your girl loves to run after a ball then you should introduce her to football and continue to support her if she is already playing. By getting her involved in football classes, she will grow in a lot of ways.

We just need to look at the amazing England’s Lionesses Women’s football team to see how encouraging girls sports can make them strong and confident. In their football journey, every girl has to go through some struggles & difficulties but by proper encouragement, they can easily move forward and shine like a star.